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The long school summer holidays are nearly upon us and many parents are looking for the perfect activities to keep the kids entertained. If your kids love to watch Junior Masterchef, or simply enjoy helping you in the kitchen, then we have a great option here at Food Room Summer Holiday Cooking Courses.


We have been running successful cooking courses and workshops in Guadalmina ever since we opened and our summer holiday courses are some of the most popular. The courses are taught in English and Spanish, so your little ones can brush up on language skills as well as culinary ones.



Each course is one week long and this is a great activity for children and teens from 6 to 16 years old. The courses run from 11am to 2pm each day, Monday to Friday. Each day they will prepare a complete meal, with four or five different recipes, including a starter, a few main courses and a dessert. Our experienced teachers will help the kids to cook a wide range of dishes, both Spanish and International. Firm favourites include making a pizza from scratch, sushi, Rocky Road desert and brownies.


The varied menu will appeal to all taste buds and inspire your kids to try new things and use fresh and healthy ingredients. It is also a great way to boost reading and maths skills for your young ones in a fun environment. Learning to cook is such an important skill, which will help your kids be more independent and prepare them for their future. Knowing how to cook also helps them to make healthier choices and gives you a great little helper in the kitchen too. 


After they finish cooking, they will then get to try the food they have cooked together. They will enjoy a delicious lunch, make new friends, expand their horizons when it comes to food and train their taste buds. Even the fussiest eaters want to try what they have cooked!



At the end of the week’s course, they will have mastered at least twenty different recipes and will be presented with a diploma and a booklet of their recipes to take away. This is a great activity for budding Masterchefs and they will come home motivated and excited to learn more!


Our week long Summer Holiday Cooking Classes for kids costs €150 per child and you can book on our website.  



We have courses for the younger ones on the 1st-5thof July and 15th-19thof July. These are aimed at children from 6-12 years old, with less experience in the kitchen who want to learn the basics.


The weeks of the 8th-12thof July and the 22nd– 26thof July we have courses for older and more advanced cooks from the ages of 8-16.


As you will see, there is an overlap in ages to allow for differences in experience and ability. If your 8-10 year old is already quite confident in the kitchen and independent then this is the course for them, if they are less experienced and maybe a bit shyer, we’d recommend the course for the younger ones, to make sure they feel comfortable and can keep up.


In August, we have two courses which are for kids from 6-14 years old, from the 5thto the 9thof August and the 19thto the 23rdof August, to try and allow the widest range of ages possible, while making sure they can all cook and have fun together.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, or pop in and see the space and speak to us face-to-face.


The Food Room is located at the Commercial Centre in Guadalmina, within easy reach of Marbella, Puerto Banus, San Pedro and Estepona. In the centre, you will find a Supersol supermarket, banks and many other shops, cafes and restaurants. There is parking in front of and behind the Food Room and also a large amount of parking in front of Supersol, just a few minutes’ walk away from our cooking school.


We look forward to welcoming your little ones for a foodie summer holiday!