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Welcome to Food Room,

Where the art of cuisine meets the joy of celebration. Our passion is creating gastronomic experiences that make every occasion unforgettable. Be it an intimate gathering or a corporate affair, let’s embark on a gastronomic journey that adds a touch of joy to your celebration.

No stress, just pure delight!

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Personalized Events

Your Celebration, Your Way

Every celebration is unique, and at Food Room, we celebrate individuality. Our client-centric approach ensures that your event reflects your style and preferences. Whether it’s an intimate dinner or a grand corporate gathering, we tailor our services to make your celebration truly yours.

Stress-Free Planning

Savour the Moment, We Handle the Rest

Leave the details to us. At Food Room, we believe in stress-free celebrations. From meticulous planning to flawless execution, we handle every aspect of your event, allowing you to savour the moment and create lasting memories. Your vision, our expertise.

Flexibility and Creativity

Beyond Expectations

At Food Room, we embrace flexibility and creativity. Whether it’s an intimate family dinner or a corporate extravaganza, we tailor our services to your needs. Expect the unexpected, as we infuse creativity into every detail, ensuring your event is truly one-of-a-kind.

Our Services

From Private Delights to Team-building Treats

CORPORATE & Private catering

Elevate your events with our exquisite catering services, tailored for both corporate affairs and private celebrations.

private chef

Indulge in a culinary journey curated exclusively for you by our skilled and personal chefs, bringing the restaurant experience to your home.

SPANISH cooking experiences

Embark on a hands-on gastronomic adventure with our cooking workshops, where fun meets delicious learning in a variety of themes.

Meet The Mastermind Behind Food Room

Welcome to Food Room! I’m Mariola Ustaran Muela, the creative mind behind our culinary adventures.

My journey, from managing hotels in Switzerland to exploring the flavours of Central America, has shaped the unique approach you’ll find at Food Room.

With a touch of rock & roll, I infuse every event with flair and finesse, creating exceptional experiences. 

Join me on our ‘About Us’ page to discover more about my story and the ethos that drives Food Room.


Tailored to Your Tastes: Explore Our Catering Services

Open House Catering

Elevate your property presentations with our Open House Catering, where culinary excellence meets sophisticated presentation, transforming real estate events into unforgettable experiences.

Event Catering

Celebrate your events with Food Room’s exceptional catering, where culinary craftsmanship meets creativity to leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Office Catering

Transform office gatherings into culinary delights with Food Room’s Office Catering, offering a seamless blend of delectable dishes and professional service for a tasteful corporate experience.

Party Catering

Add a touch of glamour to your celebrations with Food Room’s party catering, turning every occasion into an unforgettable and stylish event.

Corporate Event Catering

Transform your corporate events with our exceptional catering services, where culinary excellence meets professional service. Elevate your occasions with Food Room.

Yacht Catering

Discover a world of culinary delights on the open waves with Food Room’s yacht catering, where every voyage is a journey of gourmet delights.


Start Your Culinary Adventure with Us

Indulge your passion for cooking with our hands-on classes. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned chef, our workshops are designed to elevate your skills and ignite your love for the culinary arts. Join us, and let’s turn every meal into a masterpiece.

Elevate Your Events with Food Room

Curate unforgettable moments with Food Room’s culinary expertise. Whether it’s a personalized celebration, private chef service, or a cooking adventure, we’re here to make it exceptional. Reach out to us and let’s craft the perfect culinary experience tailored to your desires.